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Soul Biography Video by Nic Askew: Through My Eyes

Some beautiful contributions here from Nic's other subjects. Nic is reorganising the Schizophrenia Series section but promises me the missing videos, including in full the one he made of me, will be up this month. N.B. I have raised the issue with Nic of referring to the condition as a disease. This is because one definition of disease involves an individual human organ so some might assume schizophrenia is a disease of the brain, such as brain cancer, and this is not a helpful way to regard the condition as the Open Dialogue technique proves. It is often helpful to look up definitions of words so I thought it salutary to include a link here for the definition of disease until, as I suspect he will, the word disease is removed. It is also very defeatist and unnecessary to talk about managing the condition when in fact it can be cured. Free dictionary definition: disease

Soul Biography interview with Clive Hathaway Travis by Nick Askew
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